Infant Program

 Infants are cared for by warm, loving, responsive caregivers who will help them feel safe, loved, secure and accepted.

 Infants are:

  • Given flexibility to adapt and develop their natural schedules. (Some infants need more frequent feeding and some require more sleep.) Constant communication between the infant’s parents and caregivers will aid in keeping the infant’s schedule consistent between home and Kids Junction.
  • Our caregivers will help the infants develop trust by responding quickly to the infant’s cries and determining their needs.
  • Infants are held, cuddled, and talked to during feedings.
  • Infants will be given opportunities to explore their environment regularly, so they can see new things.
  • Infants learn to problem solve through the manipulation of toys and play items.
  • Gentle, enthusiastic support of caregivers will allow the infant to practice and learn new complex skills.
  • Caregivers engage in rich language experiences with infants. Caregivers can be found mimicking the infants cooing, engaging in verbal exchanges, reading books, reciting Nursery Rhymes, and singing to the infants.
 Infant Curriculum
  • Music and Movement
  • Floor Activities (this includes tummy time)
  • Manipulatives/Blocks
  • Sensory
  • Literacy (caregiver reads to infants)
  • Puppets

Our curriculum is based on the Creative Curriculum. Utilizing Funshine Express and High Scope our teachers are able to create lesson plans for each infant based on their age/developmental growth.

 Communication between Teachers and Parents

 *Kids Junction offers several ways for parents and teachers to facilitate communication.

  Daily Gram:

A daily record will be kept for each infant documenting:

  • bottles
  • eating
  • diaper changes
  • sleeping

A brief description of the infant’s daily activities will be written on the Daily Gram.

 *Parents are encouraged to phone Kids Junction to check on their child if concerns or special situations arise.





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